Concrete Laborer

Position Overview

  • Work on job site with no drugs or alcohol in their system
  • Must have own transportation to and from job site and be on job site working by given start time
  • Hours on job may vary
  • Must comply with the company mission, vision and values.
  • Hammer, tape, nail apron, utility knife, steel toed boots and rubber overshoes required for job
  • Lift, carry and move building forms, requires twisting, bending and lifting of 50-100 pounds
  • Needs to be able to operate a concrete vibrator, skill saw, demo saw, table saw, drill, jumping jacks, plate compactors, and use a jack hammer in the demolition of concrete
  • Perform any combination of the following tasks- dig, spread, and level dirt and gravel using picks, shovels and other tools
  • Ability to inspect machinery and perform basic maintenance, such as checking oil levels, gas/oil mix and lubricating parts as needed
  • Needs to be able to level off concrete in flatwork, footings and walls
  • Needs to be able to place and tie rebar in slabs, footings and foundations. Will also need to be able to cut rebar to length
  • Must take proper care of and clean tools
  • Willing to learn to level off concrete with a trowel or mag float
  • Scrape down wood and aluminum forms
  • Tie down panels in form racks and trucks
  • Needs to pick up trash around job site along with trucks and trailers on a daily basis
  • Accurately fill out time card daily
  • Additional duties and tasks as assigned

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