Equipment Operator

Position Overview

  • Must comply with company mission, vision and values.
  • Must work on job site with no drug/alcohol in system
  • Needs to know all of company policies and enforce them as needed
  • Hours on job may vary
  • Needs to be able to read and follow blue prints
  • Needs to lead by example, have good communication skills, quick problem solving and conflict resolution abilities, will have the ability to motivate without cursing and demeaning
  • Responsible for quality control of the job site
  • Responsible for safety issues of the job site
  • Responsible for layout of work
  • Responsible for the cleanness of the job along with trucks and equipment
  • Responsible for overseeing the care of equipment, trucks and trailers
  • Responsible for making sure job materials are delivered in a timely manner where they will not hinder production
  • Will need to be able to work with job superintendents, engineers, architects and homeowners in a professional and courteous manner at all times
  • Responsible for all job-related paperwork
  • Must be well versed and knowledgeable in all the areas of operation
  • Responsible that employee’s and vehicles go efficiently and safely from job site to job site
  • Ability to inspect machinery and perform basic maintenance, such as checking oil levels, gas/oil mix and lubricating parts as needed
  • Machine Operator is not above any job description, they do lead by example
  • Any other miscellaneous task/duties as assigned
  • The Machine Operator moves levers, depress foot pedals, and turns dials to operate power machinery such as power shovels, stripping-shoves, scraper loaders, and backhoes.
  • The Machine Operator sets up and inspects equipment prior to operation.
  • The Machine Operator observes hand signals, grade stakes, and other markings when operating machines so that work can be performed to specifications.
  • Machine Operator becomes familiar with the efficient and safe digging procedures in a given applications.
  • Accurately fill out timecards daily

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